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Welcome to the ecoWeeder web application
This prototype app is being developed to help land managers plan strategies for managing weeds with and without the use of chemical herbicides. To use this app: answer the questions relevant to a site or project. The app will run the entries through a model. The answers will be expressed as percent likelihood (0-100%) of Reduction in Weed Cover, Risk, Cost etc For example: to use Pelagronic Acid as the "Control Method" for a site with a "High" Infestation of "Herbaceous" weeds in a "Rainforest," the answer for the Likelihood of "Reduction of Weed Cover" is 75% i.e. there is a 75% chance the treatment will be effective Likelihoods will also be given for Risks and Cost involved e.g. High=20% i.e. 20% chance of High risk For more information on the blue bars click on the "i" icon above. Please give us some feedback on this prototye app on -
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Ecosystem:Coastal Wetlands Eucalypt Forest Rainforest (Skip)
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  Yes =67.8%
  High =43.0%
  Low =65.2%
  Low =60.5%
Notice: ecoWeeder1.neta contains no nodeset called 'observable'. Therefore, all non-target NATURE nodes will be taken as observables.
Namely: observables=[Weed_Type, Control_Method, Weed_Infestation, Ecosystem]